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I just cut the hell out of my middle left toe.

I just took a big chunk out of it accidentally. I don't think I've dripped that much blood since I had my wisdom teeth removed. Seriously. I'm on the second bandaid because the first one came off because of all the blood. The only reason that I haven't switched it for a third is because I know it won't stop. So I used a fuckton of tape.

.. First squirrels, then tornado warnings, now gushing wounds. I hate today.
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So I literally woke up like 5 minutes ago to a sound. The weather is nicer here now. I thought a bird was scavenging in the rain gutter thing above my window and just being noizy.

I was wrong.

That big scary squirrel is back. Fuck.

.. Next time I'm gonna have a camera with a flash ready. If I'm lucky it'll make the thing fall.

Normally I like nature. Not when it's trying to nom it's way into my room and wreck my window in the process.

SIDE NOTE/EDIT: Tornado warning. Fuck. I thought everything was rattling too much (window, oven, door, trees outside)
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Too stressed.

So I think I'll just write about the good things in my life at the moment.

I have fallen for the best girl in the whole wide world ever. Her name is Liz. To steal her word for 'better than perfect' she is utterly stellar. Stellar. Even that doesn't seem like a good enough word, but poets and philosophers have commented about the inefficiency of words when it comes to utter adoration.

But yeah. Getting sidetracked. She's lovely and just so fucking perfect. Hell, she even beat me to writing something like this. I'm not normally the 'stand up and shout' type, but she makes me want to. I'm just shy and cautious about it, I think.

Anyways.. She is perfect and I love her, and I suck by comparison.

That's pretty much it. That, and I'm sculpting stuff. Not right this moment of course, but you know what I mean.
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I am one of the few people who can be going to put a small dash of hot sauce on my delicious dinner, and not notice that the thing on the hot sauce that keeps it all from flooding out is missing.

Franks red hot sauce. Fuck you.

*pours half a bottle of ketchup on it, hoping it dilutes it*
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Oh. Hi. Merry Christmas and all that.

*goes back to watching his brand new dvd set of the first three episodes of Doctor Who in the original black and white*

Huh? Your still reading this. Okay fine. I got a bunch of neat stuff and a little camera. If I can figure out how to use the camera then I'll show y'all what I got.

Again, merry christmas. I hope I made christmas special for a certain someone who's name is Liz. :)
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Hi! I'm that guy that doesn't update much.

So, I am insane. Utterly insane. Yet brilliant, dashing, and handsome.

I am planning on starting my own business.

Yeah. I know. I'm poor. How can I start my own buisness?

I'm planning on making models. In the 28mm/one inch tall scale.

Now, I don't have the whole idea ready to go just yet, but I honestly think it could work.

Right now I need ideas. This is where you come in.

Any accessories from irl, fantasy, sci fi, or just whatever!

Give me a list of about.. hmm.. well. However much you can, really.

I don't know how this is all gonna work, but it should be fun finding out! :D

P.S. Thank you to my adorable girlfriend Liz for inspiring me to take the initiative for this one.

P.P.S. I made a Cluthu-style squid head! :D
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Okay, now I hate nature again.

See, I was woken up by a large squirrel.

Trying to nom it's way into my room through my window. Through the fucking wood. I chased the fucker off, but for an idea of scale, I have nothing outside of my window. I am 2.5 stories up. This fucker had to climb a brick wall to get to my window.


Anyone wanna teach me how to make a flamethrower?
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Questions please

Hi. I'm slowly going to unravel the answers to everything. I need questions. Legitimate questions preferred.

.. I already got asked 'What The Question is." Nice try, but you'd have to ask the mice.

But yes. Questions. Big or small. Many or one. I don't care. I'll eventually compile a list, then maybe a book.
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I went to a family friends house with most of my family tonight. There was food and crappy singing, and a bunch of stupid nascar stuff. But there was a cute puppy to play with and they didnt seem to mind me hiding myself away in the backyard alone, so thats good too.

At one point I went out for a walk with the puppy and the 11yr old daughter, and some thug guy tried to pick a fight with me over his girlfriend for some reason. I don't really understand why since I didn't recognize either of them. Maybe he thought I was someone else, or maybe he was just drunk? I dunno. Anyways, I did something most of you probably wouldn't expect.

I did nothing. I let him get all pissy and try and fight and whatever, and let him walk away.

.. Because there were 2 german shepards, a puppy, an 11 year old, and his girlfriend there. The guy would have been no challenge. The dogs would, but generally speaking, I didn't want to upset them all over what was probably mistaken identity.

So yeah. Thanksgiving. I gave him the chance to walk away with all his teeth. Your welcome fuckstick.
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I think there is a squirrel, or squirrels in the wall in front of me. This could be quite bad. Very very quite bad. There is wiring in that wall. And a squirrel, or squirrels, or possibly a very quiet raccoon, or a cat or something else like that. And I don't like it. I don't like nature being in my life, because I don't normally care for natural things. Plus, if it dies inside the wall then that is extra bad. It makes far too much noise for it to just be randomly occuring sounds. Because it is generally in the same part of the wall I think it must be trapped and trying to escape. However, the wall has gone quiet for the moment, so it might have, or it might have stopped briefly, or it might be dead.

The sounds make me apprehensive because of all the videogames and movies where things fly out of holes at you. I'd like to avoid rabies shots and having a possibly rabid and most likely insane creature bite and claw at me.

Suggestions welcome. If I had a shotgun and lived alone, I'd have just taken a chunk out of the wall. But that's just how I roll.
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