November 21st, 2010

Goggles 6

It liiiiives!


You know what's pretty fucking crazy? I haven't updated this thing in like 9 months.

I'd love to say there was a good reason, but really.. Meh. 2010 wasn't especially good to me. I've had worse years, but not many. I made a little checklist at the beginning of the year, so let's see how I did with that.

Get a job. Did. Had it for about a year. Currently don't know if I'm still employed or not.

Start work on huge art project #1. Yeah, I abandoned that project about a week after I started it.

Start work on huge art project #2. I wish I had said what it was, cause I don't even know..

Redo my webcomic for the fifth and final time. Fuck yes, I have been making that happen lately.

Save up for a car. I bought a car the other day. A Camero I think. I dunno, on the bottom it says Shelby GT500. Hot Wheels cars ftw.

So yeah, work sucked, the bosses I had were outright mean to the workers, and almost worse to the residents. Why is it that retirement homes tend to be run by douchebags? All I know is, they are cutting back everyone's hours, so hopefully that means they're going under. The place was crap, the food was crap, the way the old people were being treated was crap. I was honestly offered a better job a few times, but I stayed cause I knew some of the residents and wanted to take care of them, but if I got let go.. Well, I won't miss the place, I just hope that everyone living there finds somewhere better.

I have been doing my webcomic again! It has taken me forever to get my shit together and start writing it decently. The major problem with trying to tell a story is that you forget other people don't know all the details. You tend to assume they know what you know, and as a result the writing suffers. I'm trying not to make the comic dumbed down, but hopefully everyone will get the gist of each joke. Not every comic is going to be funny, I'll state that now, there will be serious and depressing stuff every now and then, but for now, I think even if you don't get the jokes right away, you can always come back later. I mean, even if you never get the joke, that's fine too, cause there's lots of them.

The webcomic is here if you'd like to follow along, it gets updated pretty frequently so you won

I've missed my lj friends, I seriously need to catch up with you all, but I don't even know where to start.

What's new and exciting? What are we all spazzing about? I'm so out of the loop.