November 9th, 2008

Goggles 6

rememberance and stuff

blah. this one will possibly be upsetting to overly dramatic people.

anyone that knows me, knows that i have probably the worst memory ever.

that being said, i am so fucking sick of all these occasions where we are supposed to remember people and actions.

remember 9/11, remember columbine, remember the veterans, remember the titans, remember remember remember. fuck.

also the never forget, nevar forget* ones. fuck that stuff too.

those things are in the past. granted, without many of those events, our world would be a different place. most of them were important and in our favour. most of the people involved in those events arent around anymore. can we, as a society move on? we keep looking backwards instead of forewards, which is why we dont have flying cars. you fucking emo people. i wanna see this race progress, not just turtle along.

sorry if its upsetting, but seriously, 90% of the stuff we have right now are just innovations on old things. i wanna see some new stuff. or at least, some awesome stuff. cars are becoming more and more obsolete due to rising prices, its only a matter of time before planes become a true luxury again, so where are the people making things to replace them? they apparently are all too busy remembering.

EDIT: forgot why i was writing this. the point was, if your going to remember anything, REMEMBER MY BIRTHDAY ITS ON THE 24TH.

* nevar forget was the killdozer incident in Colorado.