October 30th, 2008

Goggles 6


Anyone that knows me, knows that I don't dream. Pretty much at all. Like.. Normally for me I'll have one dream per a couple months.

"But everyone dreams, they just forget!" no. i dont sleep much (i also don't do much..) so i really really don't dream.

last night was an exception because i was feverish. i should be feverish more often. this dream was neat.

I don't have a full memorization of the events (naturally..) but here's the parts I do remember with at least some clarity.. Also, V isn't mine, s/he is a character from a webcartoon who inexplicably popped into my dream.

Anyways, the weird alternate reality highschool* thats appeared in about 3 - 5 of my infrequent dreams showed up, including a magical staff/wand. The wand was about 5-6 feet long, silver coloured, mostly weightless, had a small hook on the bottom end, and a red gem type thing on top. There was sole sort of engraved pattern or something on it, in a small band nearer the gem end.

The dream started with me being shoved into a locker door by someone presumably looking for the staff, then when I moved away from the door, it opened revealing the staff. Suddenly I'm outside walking down a hill, and Vaarsuvius is walking next to me, examining the staff. Somehow in a reality based dream (i.e. looks real) I have a stick figure character walking next to me. Actually, I don't know if that part was stick figurey. My mind might have anthropomorphized it. Not sure.

The dream itself was focused around doing a very odd puzzle involving retrieving scraps of paper from on top of roofs, connected by clothing lines, clothes, and all of the messages were hinted at as being in some kind of code. The first of which, required me to hang the staff (that I keep wanting to call a wand for some reason) upside down from one of the strings to get the first note, after being prompted by another note on a wall. Apparently a staff as light as a wooden stick can carry mine and Vaarsuvius's weight. Though, this part of the dream V was a stick figure again, so maybe I was too? I dunno. I only (somehow) got to read the first one, while V was getting the rest. There was also a refference to a pair of movies I haven't seen, which if I recall correctly were about boxing or something. All I know is that I have the line "mama said knock you out" in my head. I know it's from a song, but it might have been the title of the movies. I have no idea.

I was about to try and figure out the cryptography of the notes then I woke up.

See? Why can't I have dreams like that? I just spent 2 hours trying to figure out if it meant anything.

Also, if Rich Burlew ever reads this; sorry about borrowing V, my subconscious did it. Oops?