October 19th, 2008

Goggles 6


Any Red vs Blue fans out there?

I submit to you all, quite possibly the wildest claim.
Our good friend Alpha has been left out in the rain.

We think that it's Church, we think he was Blue.
But then we discovered it simply was not true.

One who hunts the others, the M.E.T.A isn't it.
I feel it in my heart, in it's deepest, darkest pit.

We have all seen him, we all know.
He's the one who's had his very own show.

He looks for his friends, they've been lost all around.
And many a time, he's been kicked to the ground.

But he does find one, a bright green little man.
Then all of a sudden, he's snatched from his hands.

Now hunter becomes hunted, an odd sight indeed.
The hunted moves on, without metal steed.

I cannot stop rhyming, I swear it's a curse.
The ending comes not long after this verse.

Enemies become friends, from mutual need.
Now forced to walk, because of one's greed.

A bump in the road, an unexpected twist.
But is he the one, topping the new hunters list?

I say to you, no, it makes no damn sense.
Cause Wash is the topic of this song's events.