September 9th, 2008

Goggles 6

I fail so hard at life.

So. Today has been an epic level fuck up.

My dad wanted me to paint the trim on the shed white a few days ago. It's been raining alot here lately so I only got around to doing it today. I spent most of the morning doing that. Then, because I was left to my own initiative, decided to do something nice. Big mistake. See, the colour they painted the shed, happened to be the exact same colour as the undercoating crap they had put on there. So it looked like it was only primed but not painted. They gave me a big bucket of white paint. Surely, the intent of buying so much white was to paint the whole thing eventually right? I mean, who wants an orange shed, really? So. I spent the entire day painting, and only managed to do one wall. But I did it really good.

Then my dad sees it. And becomes red. In my defense, I'm all "Well I wanted to do it for you guys, and even though I only got one wall done, it looks good right?"

So.. Apparently they want a horrible orange shed. And we don't have enough paint to fix it. And when I tried to help make it better, my dad got even more mad.

.. Isn't it amazing.. Every time I try to be good, I end up being worse than if I had set the thing on fire..

.. Plus, white trim on an orange shed? Whatthefuck? I thought it looked rather dashing the way I had it. Very pristine and clean. But no. Barfing up peaches and oranges it is. I cannot win. It seems I am destined to be evil, despite my attempts to be good.

.. Anyone want a pet killed through some utterly humane yet accidentally horrible way? I can be a good pet babysitter. Fuck.

I need to go wash my hat and trenchcoat. They got covered in my attempts at painting. Oh, and my shoes too.

.. Worst day ever? Top five at least.
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