NemFX (nemfx) wrote,

I resent needing you people

I've been having arguably my worst week in years. Including that one week where I had a loaded gun pointed at my head.

To recap:

I am in a very fucked up physical state and should probably go to the hospital. I'm not going to, but according to one person I know, it's apparently serious enough to prohibit me from ever driving.

Said person, and three others, have all spontaneously decided to get into arguments and fights with me this week. One fight, I wasn't even there for, which implies how far off the deep end people are being lately.

There's other stuff, but nobody on here cares. Which is why I stopped writing in this thing for about 4 months. Not that any of you fucks noticed.

I should go to bed, but since there's pretty much a tornado going through town today, it's unlikely I could sleep.

I also want my hair to grow back, but that's a drastically lesser concern.
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