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Is anyone still out there?

I don't really use livejournal anymore, mostly cause facebook took over it as my primary way of keeping up with friends.

if you want, my art can still be found at:


and the one i actually update anymore


my webcomic is updated frequently, but is currently on a hiatus while im working on something important, it can be found here:

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It liiiiives!


You know what's pretty fucking crazy? I haven't updated this thing in like 9 months.

I'd love to say there was a good reason, but really.. Meh. 2010 wasn't especially good to me. I've had worse years, but not many. I made a little checklist at the beginning of the year, so let's see how I did with that.

Get a job. Did. Had it for about a year. Currently don't know if I'm still employed or not.

Start work on huge art project #1. Yeah, I abandoned that project about a week after I started it.

Start work on huge art project #2. I wish I had said what it was, cause I don't even know..

Redo my webcomic for the fifth and final time. Fuck yes, I have been making that happen lately.

Save up for a car. I bought a car the other day. A Camero I think. I dunno, on the bottom it says Shelby GT500. Hot Wheels cars ftw.

So yeah, work sucked, the bosses I had were outright mean to the workers, and almost worse to the residents. Why is it that retirement homes tend to be run by douchebags? All I know is, they are cutting back everyone's hours, so hopefully that means they're going under. The place was crap, the food was crap, the way the old people were being treated was crap. I was honestly offered a better job a few times, but I stayed cause I knew some of the residents and wanted to take care of them, but if I got let go.. Well, I won't miss the place, I just hope that everyone living there finds somewhere better.

I have been doing my webcomic again! It has taken me forever to get my shit together and start writing it decently. The major problem with trying to tell a story is that you forget other people don't know all the details. You tend to assume they know what you know, and as a result the writing suffers. I'm trying not to make the comic dumbed down, but hopefully everyone will get the gist of each joke. Not every comic is going to be funny, I'll state that now, there will be serious and depressing stuff every now and then, but for now, I think even if you don't get the jokes right away, you can always come back later. I mean, even if you never get the joke, that's fine too, cause there's lots of them.

The webcomic is here if you'd like to follow along, it gets updated pretty frequently so you won

I've missed my lj friends, I seriously need to catch up with you all, but I don't even know where to start.

What's new and exciting? What are we all spazzing about? I'm so out of the loop.
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Hello hello

So. First thing. Not dead. Mostly.

Second. I've been trying to get my shit together lately. 2009 sucked unimaginable amounts of ass. Imagine all the asses you know, all you've ever seen, and then pretty much anytime you've ever seen anyone anywhere that does, in fact, have an ass. Yeah. Sucked more than that.

"What sucked so bad about it?" Everything. Hardly any art, nothing particularly good at all. I mean, I'm sure there would have to be one or two good things, but as of this moment I don't care to go down memory lane.

2010 will be good. I will fucking MAKE IT HAPPEN. Somehow.

Checklist of stuff I've managed to get done:
Get a job. Technically this would be last year, but fuck it, it counts cause I still have it.
Start work on huge art project #1. It's currently about 5 parts out of 22, but I'm making that happen, and art takes time.
Start work on huge art project #2. Only started that last night, but it's getting there.
Redo my webcomic for the fifth and final time. I'm about 7 pages in, so yeah, that's going along nicely.
Save up for a car. Working on that. Does anyone have any idea how much a decent second hand car goes for?
Do more internet things that people like. Trying to get that one accomplished in spades.

Huge art project #1: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=191154
Huge art project #2: (Will be online ideally by the weekend)
Internet things people like: http://nemfxslegions.blogspot.com/
Internet things people like: http://theinternetsnemfx.deviantart.com/

So how have you all been?
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I try not to use my livejournal for stupid whiny stuff anymore (read: i use my livejournal for whiny stuff, like everybody else) but did i offend anyone lately? cause seriously, ive been noticing a few people giving me the cold shoulder over the last two or three months, and if i did something, please tell me, cause i dont get it.
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I don't update often.

I don't like updating.

I never have anything good to say ever.

Chances are, this is little better.

I honestly feel like I've been regressing in pretty much everything. Since I graduated high school, I can't honestly say I feel like I've accomplished anything. And for the record, I graduated more than just a little while ago. I forget which year I graduated, so let's just say 3, because I don't really care how long it's been.

Man. I fucking hated high school, but at least I had some small structure in my life. Wake up, curse for an hour while getting ready, spend a ton of money on McDonalds each day because it was next door to the school and we could all smell when something was being cooked. Rinse, repeat.

When I look at my huge list of accomplishments since then, I have maybe 5 things that come to mind..

I finally got an x-box. Not the 360, I couldn't afford one. Just the regular one. I beat like 5 of the games so far, which is uncommon, normally I'm great at a game until the last boss, which is when I apparently become retarded and lose all ability. But the thing about the x-box is.. I've beaten a couple of games completely by accident. Halo 2, Brotherhood of Steel, etc.

I finally won at bingo a sum over 100$. I spent it all in about a week. Back to being poor for me.

I got a tablet and started using it. At least when my room pc lets me. It hasn't worked for more than a few seconds this week. I really should get around to fixing it.

I made a third space marine army. Well that bingo money wasn't going to spent itself. Seriously, games workshop, the people that make those models must have coated each with cocaine or something. I have like.. 2000 models or thereabouts. I could have bought a car.

I have somehow managed to damn near completely isolate myself socially. I suck at being social, but I've managed to get down to new lows. I think maybe 3 people still talk to me on a semi-regular basis, and that's about it.

But you know what? Fuck all that. The natural thing to do when your any kind of success is to end up regressing. The phrase 'the idle rich' is a perfect example of that. I am far from rich, and about 3 tacos away from being bankrupt. I only rest on my laurels because I don't know what to do. If life were a videogame I'd know what to do, but it isn't. Life is like the Sims. You just keep doing stuff until you fall over dead. I hated that. At least the Urbs you could win.

I need purpose. I need desires. I need to do things again. I need to turn the regression into progression.

I just have no idea how.
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Hello livejournal

I haven't updated in what feels like forever.

Time has just been flying by lately, and I really have very little to show for it.. I'm still not entirely convinced that May ended.

See, life has been hectic for the last few months and pretty much everyone has been home alot. Which leads me to getting nothing done, because they are in my way, or chasing me out of rooms, etc.

It's also caused me to get ill, which has destroyed my sleep schedule and now by the time I wake up each day, it's practically time to go back to sleep again. I want to get caught up on everything, but there's just so much to do, it gets overwhelming fast.

I haven't done anything I really enjoy in a long time.. I've tried to draw, but everything comes out.. Not so great. In fact, with the exception of some doodles I did for people over on facebook, I haven't really been able to draw anything.

For the last two months or so, my life has felt like it's been on hold. Well, more on hold than normal. It'd be a joke to say that I had any huge plans or was going anywhere in my life..

So please, fill me in on anything significant going on with you. I'd hate to miss out on the important stuff more than I already do.

Edit for more word parts:

I just feel run down lately. I don't really know why, but I think that's the best explination. I feel I have to get caught up with my interests cause I'm so far behind. I pretty much stopped checking FA because it takes so long. I still check DA but I'm backlogged on there about as bad as FA. My life has never been easy, but I don't recall it ever being this complicated either..
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Been awhile. Nothing really going on. I've been meaning to catch up, but I don't really have much to say.. I've been reading alot, not sleeping much, my dad had his surgery so I tend to stay up late in case he needs anything.. The movie Seven sucks so far. Yeah. That's really about all.
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You know what?

I think I must be the laziest goth in existence.. I don't listen to growly songs about death, or go out killing small animals by eating their heads off in front of small children.. All I do is stay in my room with it's black walls, hiding myself away under my fake fur blanket and hardly ever sleeping anymore.. I must look even worse than normal..

.. Nothing goth about that.. *sarcasm*
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R.I.P. Majel Barrett

Majel Barrett from all of the Star Trek series's died on the 18th. I only just found out. Fuck.

Dear Star Trek people not-dead: Do more things now. More movies, more stories, more acting in general. Ideally happy stuff. Stuff wherein, if something bad happens, we'll have lots of good clips to make videos from. Morbid sentiment? Probably. But still.

.. I need something green to drink.